About Our Products


Pulsar…A beam of energy so strong, so intense, so powerful that it will enlighten the world!

What is a Pulsar?

A rapidly rotating star which emits tremendous amounts of energy!

Who is Pulsar Products:

Just as a spectrum combines the energy of several different waves into one powerful beam of light, the all new Pulsar Products Inc. takes the dynamic energy of several leading manufacturers to create a single series of high quality, high performance products to meet today’s high consumer standards.


PCE6100Add industrial grade electric motors to finely polished, mirror glaze tanks and you have the core concept behind Pulsar compressors. With extended durability, lower noise ratios and faster duty cycles, the PPI 2-28 gallon compressor assortment features horizontal, vertical, pancake and twin tank units that will provide years of fast, efficient, reliable service.


PG7000DOFIncorporate high performance engines modified from those initially designed for racing motorcycles and add industrial grade control panels and you have the basis for Pulsar portable generators. Ranging from 1KW to 10KW, the Pulsar gasoline, diesel, LP, dual-fuel and tri-fuel models strive to reach the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Pressure Washers:


Take military grade pumps that maximize GPM and add quality engines or motors and you have the keys to outstanding initial performance and years of reliability. Ranging from 1600 PSI electric to 3000 PSI gasoline units, the all new Pulsar units will quickly set the reference standard for it’s price category.

For those who demand premium quality and exemplary performance backed by one of the world’s most recognized brands, Pulsar Products is proud to align itself with an iconic tradition based on over 100 years of customer satisfaction.